About Ron


I photograph people.

I love photographing people.

I love getting to know people and spending time with their families and seeing their personalities.

I get up in the morning to photograph people.

I love that twinkle in her eye.

I love catching just the right expression, that “That’s so her!” expression.

I love photographing that pretty little smile.

I love photographing the smile without the front tooth he just lost.

I love photographing him playing with his favorite toy.

I love photographing him dressed up and becoming a man.

I love creating beautiful portraits for people.

I love having to wait an extra minute to photograph everyone in the family until that little one finally smiles.

I love the look on couples faces when they see a precious moment of their child’s life captured so they’ll always remember the innocence.

And I would love to have the honor of creating that for you.


Ron Vachon is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) with Professional Photographers of America (PPA). He is a Houston, TX based portrait and event photographer. He is a versatile photographer and enjoys children and families, sports, high school seniors and events. He believes it is important to capture the memories of your special times.

He has photographed several corporate and civic events, High School Seniors, charity auctions and even an Indian dance recital. Feel free to contact Ron directly at info@ronvachon.com or call 713-515-6018 to arrange a portrait session for your family.